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Welcome - let’s go nuts with our API’s!

In short, this is our ambition for developers who are ready for building new ideas.

Who we are and why we need you

Transavia is a low-cost airline that for the past 50 years has taken great pleasure in flying passengers to over 110 destinations in Europe and North Africa. And let’s face it: in general, airlines don’t provide all too much inspiration on their websites. User experience regarding flight search is not really inspiring or efficient. It’s often limited and can be so much more fun!

Our Open API’s challenge you to develop the most original, inspiring and effective apps to help travelers find exactly that flight that meets their specific needs. Go crazy! It’s up to you what you’ll make of it.

What’s in it for you besides the fun?

You can make some money, obviously! For every booking that can be traced to your application you will earn a commission of €2,50.

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