These are all our available API's. Feel free to take a look!
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Flight Offers API

This API returns flight availability and fare prices that are available from the same stock as our website. It provides the user multiple parameters to refine flight and fare searching. The response returns a deeplink to our search & select page of the Transavia website to finalize the booking on the selected fare.

Routes API

This API will return all the actual routes that are operated by Transavia for B2C passengers. It provides the user with parameters to search for routes based on ‘Origin’ or ‘Destination’.

Airports API

This API returns the airports details of all airports available in the Routes API. The api provides the options to search for airports by:

  • All airports (returns all airports where Transavia operates)
  • By airport ID
  • Country code
  • Nearest airport by airport ID
  • Nearest airport by geo coordinates
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