Become a Transavia Affiliate and earn money!

Do you have a travel-related website, app or blog and would you like to earn some money? Sign up as an affiliate of Transavia!

Its an easy, three step process:

Creating the deeplinks

The deeplink you have to use for making the affiliate program work, consists of two parts. These will be explained below.

  • The TradeTracker adserver URL (static)

    Use this base URL with the correct parameters as given from the tables below:

    Parameter Variable Example
    c= Campaign ID 27688
    m= Material ID Always use Default = 12
    a= Your affiliate ID To find in your TradeTracker account
    r= Your reference (optional) Banner_top
    u= Encoded landing page Take from Transavia API
  • Transavia deeplink via API

    And this would be a URL the affiliate received from the Transavia API when he searched for a certain flight (different for every flight):

Combining all URLs to the final URL

    What the affiliate has to do, is building a link like this: [encodedTradeTrackerURL] [doubleencodedTransaviaURL]

    With the example URLs mentioned above this would be:


  • +


So finally the deeplink the affiliate would have to use in our example for this flight would be: